Phi Sigma Kappa
Omega Septaton

Auburn University

The Omega Septaton Chapter

The Omega Septaton Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa is pleased to be one of the first IFC fraternities to expand to Auburn’s campus in almost 20 years. Phi Sigma Kappa is one of the newest fraternities at Auburn University that chartered as the Omega Septaton Chapter on November 20, 2010 by two brothers, M.V. and A.J. Young.

As said by our founders, “We have established a fraternity founded by men who are driven to lead, who seek to be socially excellent, who are pursuing a strong academic record, who are motivated to complete at the highest level of competition in intramural athletics, and men who value campus and community involvement.

“These men will support and lead our campus, embrace opportunities to engage our alumni and parents, uphold and live our values, and treat all men and women with respect.

“We will not tolerate hazing of any kind in Phi Sigma Kappa. We believe hazing has no place in any men’s fraternity and recognize new members should be developed into brothers by education and mutual respect.

“Most of all, we will have fun enjoying the benefits of being fraternity gentlemen and leaving our legacy by being those who shape the image of Phi Sigma Kappa at Auburn University.”

Since then, we have grown into a strong fraternity with 67 active brothers. Our house is currently located on 140 Toomer Street, off of Glenn Avenue. Phi Sigma Kappa is dedicated to the betterment of the individual, the community, and our world. Our members have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, participate in service projects, experience cultural diversity, and practice personal integrity.